In addition to my significant contributions to the Personal Finances product (for detailed information, please refer to the case study), I took on the UX Lead role of conceptualizing and optimizing several other Experian products and features. This highlights my broader involvement in enhancing the user experience and contributing to the company's product portfolio.
Unified Alerts
Credit and protection alerts played a pivotal role in driving engagement among our existing members on the Experian website. Initially, the Alerts feature focused on credit-related notifications while protection alerts were hosted on a separate platform accessible only through the Protection section of the site.
To enhance user experience and streamline their journey, my redesign initiative aimed to consolidate both credit and protection alerts into a unified, user-friendly location. This transformation ensured consistency and ease of comprehension for our members. The above mockup on the left is the original experience while the two mockups on the right showcase the enhancements I implemented offering users valuable context regarding the reasons behind their alerts along with actionable recommendations for next steps.
Through this strategic redesign, I successfully optimized the user experience resulting in a noticeable uptick in web traffic to Experian Boost and upsell pages. By providing members with a more intuitive and informative alerts system, we not only improved their satisfaction but also contributed to Experian's business growth.
CRM Improvements
This project involved the creation of a CRM landing page concept designed to engage users and encourage them to click a link from a 'feel-good' email. The objective was to seamlessly guide users to their credit report while offering valuable educational tips along the way. The concept aimed to deliver a user-friendly and informative experience.
I designed mockups for a project called 'product-in-a-box,' which aimed to create a contained, walled-in experience for non-financial partners to access Experian data on behalf of their users. To access this valuable data, users were required to sign up for a free Experian account. I focused on streamlining the sign-up process, ensuring a quick and user-friendly experience. The screens depicted in these mockups represent a template that simplifies this access making it more efficient for both partners and users.
Dark Web Report
Here’s the results of a productive whiteboard session that I facilitated with the Product team in order to brainstorm and outline wireframes for the redesigned Free Dark Web Report. This collaborative effort was instrumental in shaping the visual and structural aspects of the report contributing to the overall enhancement of the user experience.
The mock on the right showcases the ultimate design of the Free Dark Web Report derived from the collaborative whiteboard sessions mentioned above. In contrast, the mock on the left represents the original experience where the report was displayed within a modal overlay on the ID Protection dashboard screen. This transformation reflects the iterative process of enhancing the user experience and delivering a more accessible and intuitive solution.
ID Protection
For this project, I undertook a UX exploration to enhance the ID Protection onboarding experience. The primary challenge was low user engagement resulting in incomplete user profiles. To address this issue, I sought solutions by incorporating fact-based data to illustrate potential risks associated with inadequate data protection. The goal was to motivate users to take the necessary steps to safeguard their information.
Experian Login Screen
I conducted an exploratory design effort aimed at creating a more user-friendly visual presentation for the Experian login page. Among various concepts, the hot air balloon concept stood out the most during user testing. This concept struck a balance between being engaging without appearing overly whimsical or overly formal effectively conveying the idea of embarking on a 'financial adventure' to the user.
Financial Health Center
These design concepts represent the initial stages of development for the Financial Health Center tool. This tool was designed to aid users in effectively managing their personal finances during the challenges posed by the pandemic. As these concepts progressed, they were integrated into the Experian Savings Center product contributing to its evolution and enhancement.
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