My design approach is grounded in a strategic process
I approach design with a method that combines practicality and thoughtfulness drawing inspiration from a range of experiences including my running as well as living and traveling abroad.
The effort required varies based on each project's scope and intricacies. My approach is characterized by a unique blend that encompasses strategic planning, research-driven insights, and attention to user needs ensuring a solution tailored to each project's specific requirements.
Research and discovery
Before diving into the design process, I embark on the journey of exploring initial ideas. It's akin to laying the groundwork for a project carefully managing time and resources to understand users and market trends.
My goal is to uncover user needs incorporating insights from my global experiences to guide this research phase.
The kickoff of each project is similar to the start of a marathon. I infuse the process with a burst of creativity setting clear goals, envisioning the final result, and collaborating closely with product and engineering to ensure the feasibility of our vision.
It's about creating a robust foundation for the entire run where each step is purposeful and the journey is marked by continuous adaptation and refinement.
Iterative design
As the design process unfolds, it mirrors the training cycles required for continuous improvement in preparing for a race. Rather than a one-time sprint, it's a series of meticulous tweaks and refinements.
I actively seek and value feedback engaging in user testing to adjust the design with each round much like refining pace and strategy in the ongoing training regimen for a marathon.
Finalization and delivery
In the last phase, I collaborate closely with engineering and product teams to smoothly transition from concept to reality. Drawing from my global experiences, I consider cultural nuances shaped by living and traveling abroad. This teamwork reflects the adaptability needed when working with diverse cultures.
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