Safeguarding families with Meta Family Center
The Meta Family Center project is about creating a new online platform to support families in managing their online experiences focusing on valuable resources, digital well-being, and a positive user experience.
Integrating multilingual support also aligns with the project's goal of inclusivity. The initial project involved a collaborative effort between teams at Codazen and Meta.

My role
Lead designer  •  Interaction designer  •  Visual designer  •  Design system
Desktop web  •  Tablet web  •  Mobile web
Research insights
The research identified several user needs to address for how the product should be designed.
1. Unequal distribution of digital literacy skills
Despite using Meta products, families would have unequal levels of digital literacy.
2. Lack of guidance on digital wellness and safety
Families wanted to find comprehensive guidance on digital wellness, online safety, and privacy.
3. Language and cultural barriers
A lack of tools and resources available in multiple languages and tailored to diverse cultural backgrounds is limiting.
How might we globally empower families to manage online experiences effectively using digital tools?
The following items were key problems turned into opportunities to solve for during the creation of the platform.
1. Developing a user-centered platform
Create a platform that prioritizes the needs and experiences of families and children across the globe.
2. Providing valuable resources
Ensure the platform offers a wide range of age-appropriate resources and materials available in multiple languages.
3. Enhancing digital well-being
Aim to contribute to the digital well-being of families worldwide by promoting healthy online habits and interactions.
The designs went through a number of iterations before we had a shippable minimum viable product (MVP) candidate.
Meta Family Center Figma work-in-progress iterations
Meta Family Center Figma work-in-progress iterations
Meta Family Center Figma work-in-progress iterations
The Meta Family Center project faced challenges in managing an accelerated design and migration process, utilizing a proprietary Meta design system, and transitioning from Instagram servers to Meta's servers within a tight timeline. Timely vendor content integration during the platform transition also posed difficulties.
Final designs
The following designs shipped publicly to users around the world.
Original Meta Family Center hero
Meta Family Center and Education Hub designs on mobile devices
Meta Family Center navigation using Meta Design System
Meta Family Center articles on mobile devices
Meta Family Center Our Advisors hero
The platform launched to 100% of US users in March 2022 with the following key outcomes.
1. Launching strong
Reached approximately 500k visitors within the first week of launch, 1M visitors within the first month of launch, and 10M visitors by mid-2022.
2. Driving growth
The pages have helped to raise awareness about the importance of managing online presence and keeping personal information secure and have contributed to an increase in sign-ups for Family Center and Education Hub accounts.
3. Customer kudos
The pages have received positive feedback from users through user research studies, customer support tickets, and social media.
Users have found the pages to be informative, easy to use, and visually appealing, and have appreciated the step-by-step instructions, videos, and testimonials from other users that are available on the pages.
The product was launched to 100% of global users by early 2023 and ongoing design iterations are in progress.​​​​​​​
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