The Walt Disney Company
During my time at Disney University, the global training program for Cast Members across the Walt Disney Company, I took on a pivotal role in crafting impactful learning experiences. In addition to my significant contributions to the Disney Beginnings project, I led the design and development of various tools and engaging eLearning content.
These solutions included interactive courses, quizzes, captivating videos, and internal websites, all meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse internal partners. From Disney Corporate to Disney Cruise Lines, Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney Imagineering, and Adventures by Disney, my goal was to empower and educate teams across the company.
Language Advisor
These mockups feature the Language Advisor tool, originally named the Language Tool, designed to provide comprehensive language support for Disney Cast Members. I integrated design elements from Develop U, Disney University's learning resource, to ensure visual consistency.
Content management was streamlined using the Learning Guide Manager enabling efficient content searches within the Language Advisor. This centralized resource offered access to language training courses, eLearning modules, and essential documentation for Cast Members from various sectors. Our collaboration with RW3 CultureWizard enriched the content creating an effective resource that fostered communication and cultural understanding among Cast Members across the company.
Adventures by Disney
I designed and developed training courses including this one titled 'Shoreside Travel Operations Training' for 'Vacationistas' responsible for vacation planning at Adventures by Disney. Additionally, I coordinated voiceover audio with our team of voice actors for the course. This comprehensive effort aimed to equip Vacationistas with the necessary skills for success.
Disney Vacation Club
I took on the task of designing updated online training courses for Disney Vacation Club Cast Members. While I didn't create the course's legal content, my role was to meticulously tailor the user interface to seamlessly meet the client's requirements.
This project also involved collaborating with voiceover talent to ensure a captivating and accessible learning experience even when dealing with intricate legal content. My keen attention to detail and commitment to user-friendly design played a crucial role in enhancing the overall learning journey for Cast Members.
‘eBooks’ Pitch Video
Utilizing Adobe Animate and After Effects, I crafted an engaging pitch video that brought to life the key elements of our eBook experience specifically tailored to pique the interest of potential internal business partners. What made this video unique was its humorous and entertaining approach likening the creation of eBooks to the birth of the iconic Frankenstein's Monster.
This lighthearted touch coupled with voice acting by fellow team members from the Technology Enabled Learning (TEL) team effectively showcased our capabilities while keeping the pitch engaging. For an exploration of the eBook featured in the video, please delve into my Disney Beginnings case study where the project's intricacies are thoroughly examined.
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